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Nowadays, Instagram is a popular social media platform where we express our feelings.  Sometimes we struggle to find the right words to express our feelings.  In such cases, we search for caption or status through google or other means of internet.  Today I am going to share with you some of those ig Captions.  I hope you like the cute captions below.

One thing always Keep in mind by hurting others you will never be happy!  You can never laugh by making others cry! You never find peace by breaking other’s peace.

I don’t love you because you’re beautiful, You are beautiful because my loves are deep. I’m in love with you like a flower that spreads fragrances.

The endings should always be with a smile Towards life.

The emphasis is on him, Who is really loved. Otherwise, there is false love in this world There is no shortage.

It’s just a matter of courage Each of us has some of these in our lives There are stories that end with us Let’s decide for ourselves.

Breaking someone’s dreams Don’t expect your dreams to come true.

In a relationship you don’t care about, It’s better to get out of that relationship, It will be bad for a couple of days but the future will be good.

How many years old is a relationship That’s not a big deal How happy you are in this relationship That’s the big deal.

I want a very ordinary person, who support me unconditionally.

You were lost because God wanted you, When the time comes, God will give it again.

Some say I’m bad some say I’m good. To be honest, whoever it is That’s how I am with him.

In this selfish city, Love without selfishness and People who take news without needing it It takes luck to get it.

I’m much quieter than before Then I will suddenly disappear one day.

The little happiness of life and Achievements are the only motivation to live, What a reliance on hopes and dreams It changes every moment.

The world is about you No matter how many complaints there are, Your parents just need to be happy for you.

Critical times are very important in life Only then is the true joy of success You can enjoy it.

Life is mine So what people will think is what people will say I don’t waste time thinking about them.

It is a great truth that everyone dies If I can forget and search for the colors of life, So why should we forget the old things? I can’t move forward in life.

There are some of these people Who doesn’t care if you’re alone. It only matters when He lives alone.

Depression is no joke, Because at such times, there is a smile on the face and dies inside.

These days Relationships break down when you tell the truth Rather you lie.

Even if people hate you You keep doing your job. Time will answer this one day.

Everyone I know I remember, but to some people I always remember.

Even with very few people Build relationships though  It should be true and from the heart.

Let those who have strayed go Look at it in your life What and who stays behind.

Being with right people Love is the most beautiful thing.

Liers can’t be your best friend . Because he will tell such lies about you to people Which you can’t even imagine. Don’t trust liars even if he share everything with you.

The injuries to the legs teach us to walk carefully, and the hurts in the mind teaches us to live strong and carefully.

People who don’t have jobs, They are the ones who find the fault of others. He does it because they don’t let others do it.

There are some people I’ll tell you one more Another will say after you You should stay away from such people.

If you have money then they will respect you. That means you have no value only your money.

Good times give good memories and bad times teach a good lesson.

Never rely on promise 
Who will be with you?
Or who doesn’t.
It depends only on our good or bad 
Time and circumstances.

Improve character, not appearance,
Because after your death,
People doesn’t say he was beautiful.
People will talked about your goodness.

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