100+ The Best Funny Friendship Captions For Best Friend Instagram

The Best Funny Friendship Captions For Best Friend Instagram

funny friendship captions
Friendship captions

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Quotes are always considered as a serious thoughts by great people ( in popular culture). According to dictionary ‘quotes’ meaning “to repeat exactly something that somebody else has said or written before. Or to give something as an example to support what you are saying.” Funny quotes or Funny Friendship Captions or quotes may not be found everywhere. On the other hand captions means “a piece of text below a photograph, video, or book, which explain or glimpse about what it is.” We can use quotes as captions also. We are trying to write some FunnFunny Friendship Captions for your friendship Photos. Quotes and captions important for us when we post something on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Below we are sharing some unique and interesting Funny Friendship Captions for your friends. You can use these funny friendship quotes as funny friendship captions.

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1. Your Friendship is magic, when I need you,
You vanished.

2. My Identity became your resume because of our great friendship.

3. Wine and our friendship are similar because it’s became more stronger day by day.

4. My best friend says he doesn’t need knowledge till date when I’m with him.

5. There is no limits for your friendship in my personal life.

6. Let’s introduce my foodie best friend who  eats my meal.

7. funny friendship day with my funny friends.

8. I’m lucky or my friend is lucky. I’m confused.

9. My friends never missed funny and laughing moments and make weird sounds all the time..

10. No matter what the situation is, my funny best friend face look like this.

11. My mom always warned me to stay away from my hopeless funny friends. But I can’t because they are funny and best entertainer.

12. My hopeless friends became helpless. I entered their life, cut their less and add myself fully. They became hopeful and helpful.

13. Best situation when your friends get insulted by his mother.

14. Friends are the people who never left you alone whether you right or wrong.

15. Everyone has friends but everyone don’t have funny friends.

16. People who have sharing nature, they became friends easily.

17. I was innocent and shy. Then my best friend discovered my naughty nature and we became officially naughty when we met.

18. I love you because I know you. That’s our friendship.

19. We are the one. One is our friendship.

20. Doing stupid things and stupid pranks our friendship goals.

21. I can do anything for you. But please ask me help in day and night time. Daytime is my office time and night time is sleeping time.

22. I feel better when you are around me. Because someone wasting time like me.

23. We do stupidity because We will recalling it when we became old.

24. I’m the only one, who will give you a shoulder to cry on.

25. You have sharing nature. I get to know it when you share your sad stories and involved me on that.

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26. Our friendship quotes ” Share one cigarette”

27. We became friends when we have a wine.

28. Friendship is easy, but True friendship is hard to keep.

29. Gf and Bf are secondary when we have Friendship like this.

30. You hurt me, you hate me, you help me, you heard me, you hope from me. It’s our friendship stories.

31. I never accepted your friendship. You and your sweet helpful nature forced me to
Accept you.

32. Love and friendship when integrated it became beautiful life.

33. Friendship means no offense, no rules.

34. It’s funny when you are sleeping and I clicked it.

35. I’m looking for peace of mind, Now I have a great friend who always talking stupid.

36. craziness and you are inseparable.

37. My Phone gallery is full of your Photos. Everytime you pose, I have to click it until you satisfied.

38. You are like wine, whenever you are with me, we became drunk.

39. We need only one true friend in lifetime. All have friends but true friends are rare.

40. Don’t make friendship with foodie. They will eat your food too.

41. All friends became stranger when we need them most. So always test your friends to avoid such situations.

42. “Like minded people became true friends.” — It’s a false quote.

43. Party with best friends is best moment in my life.

44. You can share anything with friends.
You can share everything with true friends.

45. Funny part in friendship is when you are all bad singer and drunk.

46. Funny friends are very important in life who always keep you entertained.

47. My friends always press like button. Let’s introduce my friends below. Check it out in this post.

48. Facebook is my office, YouTube is my factory, Instagram is my restaurant cum bar, Twitter is my newspaper, Netflix is my movie theatre and Amazon is my Shopping mall. – My funny friends told me.

49. Best friends don’t need permission to use your belongings except my underwear.

50. Craziness is primary condition in our friendship.

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51. Pranks are necessary for strong friendship.

52. Food is our common minimum programme in our friendship.

53. Happiness and Prosperity should not create barrier between friendship.

54. Tag your one friend who is funniest ever you have.

55. Happiness is when your friends get scared after hearing horror scary stories and you Don’t.

56. Friends Share their lunch and best friends eat your lunch.

57. Ice cream chocolate flavour is my best friend’s favourite. But when I eat My favourite vanilla flavour ice cream than his favourite is vanilla flavour.

58. Gf is my better half and BF ( best friend ) is my best half.

59. Best is Best. Luckily My all friends are best. Let our friendship becomes more strong and healthy.

60. Oh my goodness. You are my best friend.

61. Height, colour, religion, profession doesn’t matter in true friendship.

62. A true friend doesn’t leave you untill you let him go.

63. Best friend always make you comfortable when you get nervous in public. But in private life they will always make fun on you.

64. We are best friend because we have a special common character , which is our ugliness.

65. We have fun,
We are funny,
We make funniest joke,
We are Friends forever.

66. Drinking and giving lecture on any topic whole night is my best friend’s favourite hobby.

67. World’s best place may be boring place if you are visiting without friends. Friends company make every place fun and happy destination.

68. Everything is fine in love, war and friendship.

69. I’m Funny. My friends called me very funny. My Best friend called me the funniest man on earth.

70. Best friends don’t need same status, same nature, same mindset, only need need better understanding.

71. We don’t need many friends in life. Only one true friend is enough in lifetime.

72. Conversation and commitment between us are the pillars of our great friendship.

73. You need a Funny friend in your life. I can be your funny friend.

74. I don’t need to used to my mind when you are with me.

75. Always talking, Always chatting, Always making noise. If You know him, Let you know , he is my funny friend.

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76. Humour make us funny and happy.

77. When your funny friend have a great sense of humour. Our face and teeth ….. ( Laughing)

78. Understanding and cooperation is highly recommended in relationship and friendship.

79. My best friend is female and yes she also my GF.

80. Best friend and Girlfriend together produce funny moments for me.

81. Need a friend? Text me.
Need a laugh? Call me.
Need money?
Sorry, This number is no longer in service.

82. I lost my innocence, The day, When I met you.

83. Flawless friendship also important to a happy life.

84. I count every single moment when I’m with my best friend.

85. Friends and family most important in life. Family care you in home, friends care you outside.

86. My best friend need better best friend than me. I said to him “I also need one, let’s searched together.”

87. A good friend never left you alone in bad time, whether you are right or wrong.

88. Someone said that love is great feeling in life, but I think that friendship is great feeling in life.

89. “Eat, fit and beat others.” My Funny friends quotes.

90. “You are my best friend because I’m very lazy to find new one.” My funny friends quotes.

91. I’m the only one who has funny friends and funniest family.

92. Friends funny quotes, “I Hate foodie, because he eats all my foods.”

93. Truly honest people don’t have many friends, but they do have real friends.

94. Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face.

95. We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence.

96. Good friends don’t let you do stupid things
….. alone.

97. It’s hard to find a friend who’s handsome, cute, loving, beautiful, helpful, generous, innocent, caring and smart. My advice to you, don’t lose me.

98. True friends don’t get offended when you insult them. They laugh and insult you with something even better

99. Friends funny quotes ” Sleeping time with cellphone is beneficial for ‘ loading………’

100. Friends funny quotes on Instagram. ” I’m the only one never drink and never telling lie.”
I smiled and commented ” don’t drink and post in Instagram.”


Funny friends captions

101. In true friendship, friends don’t get offended when you insult each other Rather They smile and call each other something even more offensive.

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102. Fun and Funny friends

103. Slim and stylish Joker. You won’t believe he is my best friend.

104. My blind friendship.

105. My irritating best friend.

106. My Poking nose friend.

107. My friends who never let me alone.

108. There’s a law in marriage but friendship no rule no law.

109. Happy friendship day My friends who wished me in fb on my birthday. But don’t chat with me all the year.

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